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​Nursery Rhymes by Nikhita & Nishita Are A Great Aid To Educating Today’s Children!


Nursery rhymes are not just for fun, they have enormous educational value and have been passed down for generations. Nishita Venkatraman and Nikhita Venkatraman, the Indian-Indonesian origin wonder twins, aged 6 years are taking the world of Youtube by a storm and gaining popularity for their sheer talent. The twins are the proud members of the million club of YouTube and have reached this milestone in no time for their songs.

The immensely popular and talented twins have a roster of 8 educational rhymes that are live on the digital platform – Youtube. The super engaging and educational content by the twins are My Lovely Ducks , Bolo Bolo , Water , Little Ants, Du Di Dam , Hey Frog , and The Komo Through The Toll Road being the latest video by the twins! The rhymes by the twins have an interactive layout and the lyrics are clear enough to help the children learn and improve their vocabulary and speaking skills. Educational content for children also aids in better understanding of the concept, creative development, and at the same time makes them good listeners.

Nikhita and Nishita Venkatraman’s mesmerizing compilation of lovely songs in their unique voice will sheerly help build pre-literacy skills and prove to be an important pillar in cognitive development.

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