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‘Anupamaa’: When Anuj confessed his love for Anupamaa, Vanraj wondered why he never fell for her

Anuj Kapadia of Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s “Anupamaa” has been in love with Anupamaa for the past 26 years, but he doesn’t have any complaints or demand from Anupamaa. Well, the recent episodes saw him confessing his love for her to Vanraj.

Last we saw that Anuj and Vanraj are drunk and they take to the dance floor. The duo shake a leg on “Meri neend ud gayi hai” and “Taare gin gin”. Anupamaa and Kavya then try to take them to their rooms but they both start calling each other bhai and best friends and engage in a fun conversation. Kavya then tells Anupamaa that she is going to book a room for her and Vanraj there and ask her to get some curd. While the ladies were away, Anuj confessed to Vanraj that he loves Anupamaa. He tells him that 26 years ago he was on his way to Anupamaa’s home to confess his love, but Vanraj got before him. He said that he loves how simple she is which makes Vanraj wonder why he never fell in love with Anupamaa. In the upcoming episode, we will see that Baa tries to call Anupamaa but couldn’t get through, just then Rakhi taunts about Anupamaa crossing her limits. Also, back in Mumbai, Vanraj taunts Anupamaa that because of him and Kavya Anupamaa and Anuj’s night got spoiled. To know what happens next, keep watching “Anupamaa”.

Produced by Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi under their banner Shahi Productions Pvt Ltd, “Anupamaa” features Sudhanshu Pandey, Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Madalsa Sharma, Alpana Buch, Arvind Vaidya, Paras Kalnawat, Aashish Mehrotra, Muskan Bamne, Shekhar Shukla, Nidhi Shah, Anagha Bhosale, and Tassnim Sheikh. The show airs on Star Plus.

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