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Ashoka Thackur: With every character you learn and grow

Actor Ashoka Thackur, who has been a part of the short film titled CHARACTER recently shot for his upcoming music video Khaas Khaas, produced by Nisha K Thakkur and also worked with Donal Bisht in the music video Badhi Hi Mushkil, says that he has learnt a lot in his journey as an actor.

“Since the time I have started acting, changes take place everyday, whenever we practice or speak our dialogues. When I did my first play Paramveer Chakra, I learned something and then with the next play I learned something more. When I joined Nadira Babbar’s – Ekjute Theatre Group I got to learn that with every character you grow. Every director gives you a different experience, every script makes you learn new things. Hard work is not just for the actor but of every crew member and director. It’s team work, so if we are weak at any one place then the whole project gets spoiled and people wouldn’t like watching it. There are many actors who think that they are perfect in every way and don’t listen to the director, so at times things go wrong. You have to surrender and believe in your team so that you can give your best,” he says.

Ask him what are the tips he would like to give aspiring actors, and he says, “The tips I want to give is that first of all you should be educated about acting and training is a must otherwise you will keep struggling. Second is patience and continued practice, that is very important. Third is keeping your calm and reading different scripts and watching different movies as that too helps you learn a lot. You should give yourself time everyday. To become a good actor you should first become a good person. Then only you can give a good performance.”

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