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Child actors mature a bit earlier than those who aren’t: Khushi Dubey

Content on TV has evolved over the years. At 21, we ask if Khushi, who has earned accolades with her performance in shows such as Kaisa Yeh Pyaar, Rakhee, Naagin and is currently seen playing the leading role in an OTT show Aashiqana is able to relate to the content on television these days and she shares her opinion.

“I think there are many aspects of TV shows that the younger generation can relate to. Over the years, the storyline and the content of TV have really evolved and maker have tried to encompass everything right from drama, thriller, mystery and murder so that people of all ages, especially the younger generation might like,” she adds.

On whether she relates to Saas-Bahu dramas, the actor begins by showering praises on the medium that has been entertaining people for decades and for generations.

“As I said, they have been making content for all. And, when it comes to people of my age they try to cover things related to college romance and how you have independent working girls and storylines around them. Even murder mystery and thriller are something that intrigues teenagers much more than saas bahu dramas, hence are being made. And it comes to a common emotion that everybody shares. There are things in saas bahu dramas that you can relate to but obviously they are dramas after all, so sometimes they overdo it a little. So I don’t really relate to that but there are some aspects that are relatable for sure,” she says.

Many have been saying how the younger generation does not enjoy watching TV any more. “I think youngsters do watch daily soaps but not a lot of them. Maybe because of OTT platforms they might have switched to it as it’s a little more accessible and convenient to watch at any time of the day, whenever they get time. This is what I think about the youngsters of my age,” she adds.

It is also said that managing personal and professional life isn’t easy when one is in show business. Being a child artist, Khushi also had to manage her shooting and education.

“When it comes to my school life, I have been a very bright student throughout and have also been the topper of my school in 10th standard. Slowly I learnt to balance my studies and shooting. I used to carry my books to shoot. I used to read and learn whenever possible between the scenes and during the break, but I think I have missed regular school life obviously because I had to miss school at many points of time. I had to keep a little bit of time in for socialising and making friends because half of the time I was never in school. I never really got the time to interact with them, but I think everything was for a reason and I’ve no regrets,” she shares.

Does she believe in the theory that actors, who start working as a kid, grow up too fast and lose out on a regular childhood? “When you become an actor you get a lot of exposure and people start recognising you everywhere you go. That feels good too and gives you a lot of confidence. I don’t think they miss childhood, but I would say child actors mature a bit earlier than those who aren’t. Some part of their social life with friends does get affected,” she explains.

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