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Debina Bonnerjee’s prosthetics from her film Shubho Bijoya will leave you in shock!

Debina Bonnerjee

The name Debina Bonnerjee is today synonymous with beauty, fashion, skincare, talent and more. However, for her most recent film, she had to put all this aside as she played an ailing character. The character of Bijoya, starts off as a supermodel, which required Debina to work out and go on a lean protein heavy diet for a few weeks, in order to play the role with absolute perfection. However, Bijoya has a setback that makes her character undergo major physical change. This change required Bijoya AKA Debina to undergo hours and hours of prosthetics.

Speaking on this, Debina says that, “As an actor, you are used to sitting on the makeup chair for hours. But the role of Bijoya was different, the end result made me tear up, that is how emotionally draining it was. One truly feels for all those suffering from ailments of such kind. This was merely make-up and gear, and my mind and body found it so challenging to get through it so imagine those who are actually suffering. It made me realise that life is so fragile and we must never take it for granted.”

Ever since the film, Shubho Bijoya released on the OTT platform Big Bang, fans have had the most positive reaction worldwide. Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s ace direction with the fact that Gurmeet and Debina have come together onscreen as a couple after 11 years, makes Shubho Bijoya a film that was truly awaited by one and all. Gurmeet and Debina’s performances have garnered praise across all spheres as well.

The film is available for viewing on the OTT Platform Big Banng.

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