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Dhriti Goenka in Yash Patnaik’s Channa Mereya

Actress Dhriti Goenka, who is seen as Gurleen Singh in Channa Mereya, says that she loves the title of the show. The actress adds that her character is also very different from what she has played before.

“It’s a beautiful title which reminds us of our beloved ones. It means you have ceased all your darkness upon me, my love. I am playing Aditya’s sister Gurleen which is little different from me as she tries her level best to please her mom and despite being controlled by her mother and knowing whatever is happening is not right, she lets it happen,” she says.

The show has a very endearing storyline, says Dhriti, adding, “Channa Mereya is indeed a unique show as the storyline revolves around two amazing chefs but from different family backgrounds so how their love for cooking will turn around their disliking around each other. People always like something different or concepts that are still new because over the period of time as the awareness has increased people have started to no longer be passive watchers. They watch, interpret and also know what to consume so something beautiful yet unique story concept will definitely attract the audiences.”

Talking about her co-actors as well as producer Yash and Mamta Patnaik, she says, “My co-stars are very humble, touchwood. They are very cooperative. It’s a new show and I feel comfortable around them. It’s a family-like atmosphere on set. Beyond Dreams has always tried to come up with different concepts and splendid serials. Yash sir and Mamta ma’am have given me this opportunity and trusted me to work in the serial and I am grateful.”

The entertainment industry has evolved, says Dhriti, adding, “The entertainment industry has grown a lot over the years as people sought ways of escaping their daily routine by watching something they like. As technology grew people started having more convenient access to watch like our show is also available on Disney+ Hotstar. This is true as daily soap reaches every city, and village and also it comes every day so people are more likely to get involved in the story. Moreover, people can relate to the stories very well as the concepts are households and are picked by looking at the tastes of the audience.”

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