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Emraan Hashmi talks about his upcoming horror movie’Dybbuk’

Emraan Hashmi’s Dybbuk is near release and the excitement around the film couldn’t have been higher. Bringing a new story with newer twists the trailer of the film has managed to create immense intrigue and scare for the film. With sheer coincidence the trailer of the film was also trending on the scary, horror associated number 13 a few days earlier. Now as we near the Prime Video Original film’s release Emraan has opened up on working in a horror film.

Emraan shared, “I have a love story with horror fims. I keep doing it. And this will go on further. Dybbuk is very different from other films that I have done before. The way my director (Jay) has understanding of jewish mythology which is different from our culture. I personally didn’t know their beliefs, Mythology and when Jay told me I was very intrigued. I can really say is Neitzens / audiences have got scared of horror in Raaz 2 and Ek Thi Dayan then I can vouch and say – Dybbuk is 10 times higher in terms of horror quotient and narrative style is new and unique.”

Emraan also opened up on if or not he believes in ghost, he shares, “I have made and acted in so many horror films, now I think I have started seeing things now and become a believer. My director (Jay K) has also made me a believer. If I didn’t believe in them then I wouldn’t be making such films and so many of them. I would say I am a bit 50-50. I am torn and little skecptical and I am believer and enjoy ghost in your living room.”

The film’s trailer was unveiled a few days earlier and gave a closer look at what the movie is about. Nikita Dutta’s character opens a Dybbuk box and what follows later is yet to be seen. Emraan Hashmi stars in the film with Nikita Dutta and Manav Kaul in prominent roles.

The film marks the digital debut of Emraan Hashmi and is all set to release on 29th October, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Written and Directed by Jay K, the upcoming Amazon Original film is the official remake of 2017 Malayalam blockbuster film – Ezra. The music is given by Clinton Cerejo.

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