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Here are five things in the epic trailer of Jack Ryan S4 that has us excited for more!


John Krasinski returns in and as Jack Ryan for one last mission in the fourth and final season of Prime Video’s action thriller series. Based on the characters from Tom Clancy’s books, Jack is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst and army man who is requested by the US president to help assess the latest threat to the country. The first three seasons had everything an action junkie would want – epic action sequences, a gripping storyline, and the jaw-droppingly handsome John Krasinski fighting the bad guys. With the final season gearing up for an epic release, here are five things from the edge-of-your-seat trailer that got us excited for season 4!

Jack Ryan’s final mission
John Krasinski was widely loved in the Amazon Original Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Over the past seasons, fans have raved, watched, and followed Jack’s globetrotting journey with fevered interest and even waited patiently for the final season. Now fans worldwide are experiencing a bittersweet moment with one last mission in the mix, Jack Ryan’s season 4 trailer has hinted at a thrilling finale yet also bid adieu to Jack Ryan’s universe!

First look at Michael Peña’s Character
The trailer gives us an interesting look at Domingo Chavez’s character, an ex-CIA who joins forces with Ryan in his final mission. Michael Peña’s impeccable screen presence makes him a highly awaited addition to the already spell-binding cast, and we can’t wait to see him in action.

Ramped up on action, thrill, and drama
The thrilling, pacy, and adventure-filled trailer of Jack Ryan season 4 ensures fans that there are no stones left unturned in making Jack Ryan’s last mission an epic and unforgettable experience for fans worldwide. With mind-blowing action sequences, stunning locations like Croatia, Spanish island of Gran Canaria amongst others; and a story woven to engage, the final season looks high on all elements that make Jack Ryan unbeatable.

Jack Ryan is now acting Deputy Director at the CIA
With a brand new designation attached to his name, Ryan proves that no job can tie him to a desk. After severely affecting international relations and trotting the world to stop deadly criminals, Jack Ryan’s promotion comes as a fresh twist, but how long until he can sit on his desk when he’s needed out in the real world?

The series’ OGs
Betty Gabriel, Wendell Pierce, and John Krasinski himself, the final season would’ve been incomplete without the series OGs who’ve journeyed alongside Jack Ryan since season one and never left his side. Fans have supported the incredible journeys of these characters throughout the past three seasons, and it will be interesting to see where they ultimately end up.

The final mission commences June 30 on Prime Video, with two episodes premiering each Friday, leading up to the epic series finale on July 14. The six-episode season will stream exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.