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Kunal Kapoor ‘overwhelmed’ by the encouraging response to his show ‘The Empire’!

Having portrayed memorable roles in successful films over the last 17 years, Kunal Kapoor has come a long way in Bollywood. Basking in the success of his latest magnum opus, ‘The Empire’, the charming actor is feeling overwhelmed by the encouraging response to the show by the audience, critics and fans alike.

Kunal, who portrays the challenging role of Mughal Emperor Babur in ‘The Empire’ informs, “I am really overwhelmed by the kind of response that I have got since the release of ‘The Empire’. It was a beautifully written book with some fascinating characters and we have all worked very hard to make it come alive and I’m very happy people are enjoying it.’’

“This was a very complex and challenging character and it was very interesting to explore the different layers of his personality. From doubt and vulnerability to strength and ruthlessness. And I’m so happy with the way people have reacted to the performance,” the actor adds.

For Kunal, the historical drama is quite special, as it has given him the opportunity to do action, a genre that he always wanted to attempt as an actor.

The handsome hunk has recently launched his production house and besides that he is also writing an unannounced project.

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