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Mohit Duseja is a supernatural genre fan

Actor Mohit Duseja, who is currently seen in Anil V Kumar’s “Dhappa”, is a fan of the supernatural genre. Sharing his views on the plethora of content available on OTT platforms, he said, “OTT has allowed different types of content to reach the masses and it’s amazing that you have so much variety to choose from. I feel OTT has also allowed people to recognise the difference between what they want to watch and what not, which is a very opinionated thing.”

“As far as I am concerned I like the supernatural genre as I am really obsessed with ‘The Vampire Diaries’. I never thought I would be so in love with this genre before I got hooked on OTT,” he added.

He stressed that since 2020 OTT has become a big thing in the country, especially for actors. “When there’s such a big platform it creates a tremendous amount of opportunities. I feel OTT and the digital world is the future,” he said.

But is it difficult for TV actors to make their space on OTT? “Struggle is something you would find in everything you want to accomplish. With success comes a price to pay, people usually think that there’s a lot of struggle to get there “ I call it a journey” and trust me it doesn’t end once you get there. Instead it “starts”. When you know that you got this opportunity but you need to make 10 times the effort to be the best and work day and night to make it happen, that’s the real deal,” he said, adding that he is open to exploring all the genres on OTT.

“I feel as an actor I want to be as versatile as it gets, this also gives me the scope of living many different lives as a very fascinating character. But moreover, I would love to explore the ‘supernatural’ genre as I think I would be able to pull it off very well. I feel there are lots of possibilities in an OTT, as the best part is there’s a lot of content being made these days which provides a lot of opportunities for an actor,” Mohit concluded.

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