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Netizens Wordplay, This 22nd July it’s RK v/s Rkay on the big screen!

Netizens enjoy spreading wordplay now and then whenever there is some opportunity. This time it’s for Ranbir Kapoor ‘s name and another Movie name which are releasing on 22nd July!
Ranbir Kapoor who is fondly known as ‘RK’ in the industry, is all set to come back on the big screen with his most anticipated film ‘Shamshera’ which will be hitting the big screen with Rajat Kapoor’s small budget and content film RK/RKAY on the same day. In the race of commercial films bombing one after the other, Rajat Kapoor, RK/RKAY is a film that owns its place apart.

RK/RKAY is truly one of its kind film that holds all the credit to introduce a new kind of story after a long time. While the makers keep on hyping the audience’s excitement now it’s time for Mallika Sherawat who will be coming to India for the promotions of the film. And having made it under the direction of Rajat Kapoor, who himself has a bunch of interesting films like Kadakh, Ankhon Dekhi, Fatso! and many more under his directorial umbrella, would be a treat for the audience to watch out for. The trailer has it all, the film will definitely come as a hard-on its interesting content with a unique story.

Moreover, With Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Shamshera’ and Rajat Kapoor, RK/RKAY hit the big screens on 22nd July 2022, the audience will get to see a clash of a commercial movie with a content-based one.

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