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Priyanka Lalwani: Hosting a show has a special place in my heart


Jamai Raja actress Priyanka Lalwani enjoys acting, but says that being on stage and hosting a show have a special place in her heart.


“From corporate events to wedding events to fashion shows to interviews, you name it and I’ve probably done it all. Schwarzkopf, Lakme, LG, Samsung, Britannia and Godrej are some of the known brands I’ve worked with,” she said.


Asked which one she prefers — anchoring or acting, she said, “It’s like asking a parent to choose between their kids who is your favourite. I love both because while I’m on stage, I get to be myself and I can do my own thing. When I’m in front of the camera, I get to be the character that I am playing, so both have its own charm. Having said that, being on stage and hosting a show has a special place in my heart.”


The Spotlight 2 actress didn’t take any formal training in anchoring.


“In my early modelling days, I was offered to host a sangeet event and I was like why not. I remember taking my mom along with me. Since then there is no looking back. But it does require some different skills, most important is that you have to be impromptu unlike acting where a script is given. There are no retakes in anchoring,” she said.


Over the years, she has learnt that it’s very important to be patient and not rush through things when she is speaking on stage.


“Sometimes people end up having deadlines and they have to cover a certain topic in the duration that is provided, so they have to make sure that what they are trying to convey, the audience is able to grasp it.


“Prepare pointers and do your homework for the event you are hosting. Always have back-up content so you can use it if need be.

Be calm and always smile on,” she suggested.


Talking about her favourite anchor on TV, she shared, “Since the time I was a kid I used to really look up to Vishal Malhotra and never missed any of his shows on Disney.

I have really admired Ambika Anand. I have grown up watching her on NDTV Good Times. I wanted to do what she did. I wanted to travel and do shows like she did. And some way or the other, I am doing that.

Apart from them, I really admire Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Maniesh Paul and Raghav Juyal.”

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