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Rajan Shahi is probably one of the most passionate producers I’ve seen in my life: Sudhanshu Pandey

Sudhanshu Pandey is all praise for Rajan Shahi with whom he is working on the popular show “Anupamaa”. He said that the producer and his team at Director’s Kut Productions and Shahi Productions are deeply involved in the show which is very rare in the industry. 


“I would not be exaggerating if I say Rajan Shahi is one of the most passionate producers I’ve seen in my life. You see very passionate writers and directors but producers are normally not so deeply involved in the content that is being created by the overall team. And I think Rajan is absolutely hands-on, he’s involved with every single word that is being written, and he’s creatively completely involved in it. It’s because of his passion that his entire team is also equally passionate and make sure that the audiences get more than what they are expecting,” he said. 


“I think it has been a phenomenal experience working with Rajan and although he’s a very old and a very dear friend of mine, I think his passion has only grown and it grows every single day. I see a more and more obsessed Rajan Shahi for the content and that’s the beauty of that man,” he added. 


Sudhanshu also talked about “Anupamaa” and said that with every incident the show tries to give out a message to the society. 


“Our show is that it has been not just a slice of life but also been very motivating and very inspiring for the audiences. There’s always been an attempt and an effort from the writers to the producers and the creatives to give out good messages to the society for the women, girl child, children and parents, so we try to give out messages through our characters, which can motivate people to do better in their lives and become better people and become better society on the whole,” he said. 


Well, playing Vanraj Shah has not been an easy feat for the actor. So when asked about the nest compliment he has received for his character, he said, “The best compliment I’ve got for my role is that nobody else can play Vanraj Shah better than Sudhanshu Pandey and I think this is the biggest reward or an award an actor can get.” 


“I keep getting these messages which say that if it wasn’t for you, it wouldn’t be the same, nobody can do it better than you, so I feel humbled and I feel that to some extent I must have done justice for people to say that. So, you know, total gratitude to the audiences and the viewers. And I always thank Mahakal for blessing me with a show like ‘Anupamaa’ and with a character like Vanraj,” Sudhanshu concluded.

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