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Rashmeet Kaur-GURBAX Maiden Collaboration ‘Oceana’ Is A Lesson In Self-Empowerment

Kalamkaar signee Rashmeet Kaur career has always been characterized by an underlying “not give a damn” attitude that runs through lots of her music. Yet again, she prepares to unleash a musical seduction of sorts as she premiers a never-seen-before charismatic facet to her in her latest release ‘Oceana’


Releasing today on Sony Music India, the irresistibly jazzy track with its’ lush vocals over hypnotizing melodies and feel-good riffs offers a catchy catharsis. With lyrics that embody surrender of unrequited affection, the song’s message of unapologetic self-love and self-expression shines out bright. A tender and an optimistic outing, the track imbibes pop, R&B and soul influences delectably crafted by Delhi-based electronic music producer and DJ GURBAX, famously known for being at the forefront of the bass music movement in India.


The surreal music video directed by Filmy Boys, is a dream sequence from start to finish, incorporating aquatic elements that brings to the fore the uplifting theme of metamorphosis of this quintessential modern alt-pop anthem.

The singer-songwriter who signed a record deal with Sony Music India in 2020, has so far released chartbusters like ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ and ‘Daru Hor Piyade’. Speaking about the brand-new release she excitedly shares, “It was amazing how I’ve been able to creatively experiment on this showcase. It’s empowered me as I’ve been able to incorporate an element of reinvention. Self-discovery was something I was focused on during lockdown while I was working on this liberating piece. I wanted to incorporate those themes of self-love and self-belief. ‘Oceana’ is an appeal to continue living life and not validating yourself basis another’s opinion or affection.”

‘Oceana’ is a manifestation of how she felt after emerging from what she refers to as a dark time. She expands, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is an anthem of about being knocked down and getting back up even stronger than before, holding oneself in high regard and finding happiness by living your own truth. The song’s theme of living unapologetically and taking pride in who you are will resonate with anyone.”

A frequent collaborator with Kaur, Deep Kalsi who has co-penned the lyrics adds, “’Oceana’ offers a breath of fresh air needed to leave judgment behind and see things for what they are. It is a song of self-positivity and pure happiness. I hope that when audiences hear this track, they will be inspired to live their truths no matter what outsiders says, because it is when we are standing in our authentic self that we are happiest and unstoppable. You need to let go to evolve into something bigger.”


GURBAX who began working on the track in 2019, was motivated to finalize it in 2020 amid the pandemic. He explains, “There were things I learned out of having time to sit with myself and my thoughts and I think that led to creating this music. I started making the record at quite a low point. The pandemic had hit us all hard and I had to cancel a month-long trip to the US to attend conferences, collaborate & network with other artists. Like everyone else, my headspace was deeply clouded by the pain that was around and the uncertainty the future held. I feel like all these emotions came through lucidly when starting on the record in my bedroom. Connecting with Rashmeet was quite literally the icing on the cake. I vividly remember having a full-blown psychedelic experience when I first heard her vocals laced on the drop. She’s such an incredibly talented human being. We share an extremely special bond and I think that comes through beautifully in the track. I feel like all my life I’ve aspired to make something as beautiful as ‘Oceana’. It’s probably the most special and emotional record I have ever worked on till date.”

Whether you realize it or not, it’s impossible to not feel galvanized by this breakout banger which is as empowering as it is electrifying. The tune serves as an impassioned whisper of sorts for the lovelorn to surrender to their inner mojo and not grapple with validity issues in their quest for love. It’s calming and exhilarating all at once; an emotional rapture that wraps us in waves of warmth as the artists weave spellbinding harmonies over a lush instrumental tapestry. A vulnerable and visceral affair – one that feels musically freeing, yet is nonetheless deeply philosophical and emotionally nuanced. ‘Oceana’ embodies those qualities, reckoning with ideas of one’s value and belonging; of being deserving of love, and all that a loving relationship entails. The artists spill their heart and soul in an immersive, warm outpouring of inner turbulence.

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