In today’s digital age, we are all too familiar with fake opinions. It is the practice of a music label or an artist purchasing views on Youtube to enhance the number of views on their work. Sippy Gill, a Punjabi musician, was recently overheard making remarks about Fake Views.

Many musicians have highlighted the subject of false views in the Punjabi music industry for a long time, and Sippy Gill is the most recent. On his Instagram account, he shared a tale with Bittu from Blue Stone Media. The public has varied views about how much money musicians spend on song marketing, which Sippy Gill clarified in his narrative.

He claimed that the marketing strategy of their most latest record Tittar Phangian starring Labh Heera cost merely Rs. 7200. On Youtube India, the song is presently trending at #3. Sippy went on to advise the crowd that the number of million views on a song should not be used to assess it. Check out his video here-

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If you haven’t listened to his track yet, here it is-

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There have been worse accusations of singers purchasing false views in the past. The year before, rapper Badshah was suspected of paying Rs. 72 lakh for fraudulent views and was interrogated by Mumbai’s Crime Branch after his song ‘Pagal’ set a YouTube record by receiving 75 million views in a single day.