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This is how Yami Gautam Dhar’s house staff reacted to her role in ‘A Thursday’

Yami Gautam Dhar’s performance in ‘A Thursday ‘ truly left everyone stunned. From critics to the audience, the actress left everyone talking about her for her unprecedented work. But a true impact of her work was seen when Yami’s house staff reacted after looking at her role in the film.

While Yami keeps on getting praise for her work in ‘A Thursday’ the actress recently experienced a true impact when her house staff started getting afraid of her because of the intense character she played in the film. Recently, during an interview, the actress revealed her housemaid being warned by her husband after watching ‘A Thursday’ that she may keep her hostage just the way she keeps the maid in the film. Eventually, Her maid came to her and asked hoping she will not treat her the same way as she broke a glass a few days back. She also admitted that she got scared when she watched the film while traveling. But nevertheless, the actress took it as a compliment as her intensity really made people feel it.

In ‘A Thursday’ Yami played the character of Naina Jaiswal, a school teacher who keeps school students hostage. The film has collected great reviews from around the corners and is the highest viewed film with 25 Million views on both IMDB and Ormax.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Yami has some very interesting lineup ahead with Lost, OMG 2, and the other two projects which she has worked on and the official announcement is yet to be made.

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