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Time to Introspect, at the Bandra Film Festival

Bandra Film Festival (BFF), a digital film festival presented by Filmkaravan in collaboration with YouTube is currently streaming four poignantly introspective drama shorts on its platform. These shorts are based on day-to-day life experiences that invoke ideas of identity and the self and being showcased under the theme ‘Introspect’ on the BFF Youtube Channel.

‘Introspect’ opens with a psychological drama ‘Ek Anchaha Mehman’ which is about the protagonist Vijay Mhatre and his life, Directed by Netra Venkateshwaran, the film stars Siddharth Badve. Second in queue is

‘The Saint’ Directed by Nyay Bhushan. It is about the moments spent with the wise, where the protagonist takes a memorable journey that goes beyond time. Directed by Nyay Bhsuhan again the third film in the line-up is titled ‘Stuck in Inner Traffic’, a poetic rendition of traffic in a short film based on the concept of ‘filmaiku’- where film meets haiku, the Japanese art of meditative poetry, shot entirely in the immersive Himalayan foothills yet inspired by the contrarian cityscape dotted with traffic.

The last film in the Introspect quartet is a high impact short ‘Lone’,directed by Samarth Shandilya. A gripping film that takes us inside the mind of a schizophrenic person starring Samarth Shandilya himself & Parina Chopra.

Director Nyay Bhushan who is also an award-winning art photographer, said , ” Bandra Film Festival is a great concept in introducing a diversity of films to such a wide audience. The way the films have been curated according to specific themes is quite innovative and inspiring. I was quite pleased to have my films included in this week’s collection of “introspective” films. This theme is perfect for both my films and I would like the audience to go on an inner journey and discover their own meanings.”

Bhushan added , “I can’t help but add that,much as it sounds like a cliché given that everything is viewed under the lens of the ongoing pandemic, introspection has become the core of our lives since last year. This unprecedented situation has left humanity no option but to try and seek answers within themselves. I hope these films can unveil new perspectives in helping us discover deeper meaning to the mysteries of life.”

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