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We all know that Sidhu Moosewala is the real Kingpin of Hip Hop Music” says singer Lekka

Songs that are packed with deep meanings always hit us hard in our minds and make us hum. And that one song that is currently in the minds of everyone is singer Lekka’s hip hop track, Kingpin. Lekka who is a well-known singer recently released her latest single called Kingpin which portrays her as a fearless leader. Strong, badass, and powerful are the adjectives that simply describe the song amazingly. Did you know that Lekka is a big fan of Sidhu Moosewala’s music and was deeply saddened with his loss.

“We all know that Sidhu Moosewala is the real Kingpin of Hip Hop Music. His music was emotional, inspirational, cool and connected with Gen Z all over the world. I wanted to do something for him and I was very inspired by him over the way he used to sing and the choices for his songs. And getting inspired by him i made this song, Kingpin, and I am very happy with the response that i am getting from it. I will always dedicate this song to Sidhu. Kingpin is definitely going to be that one song which will not only make you groove but will also make you hit with its words,” says singer Lekka.

Check out the song here:


The project is helmed by Sarthak Gaur, CEO of 1 Million Entertainment, and directed by Nitish Raizada. Kingpin’s music is produced by Dee Coy and composed by Addy. The song is being appreciated by audiences all over the world and has crossed 3 million views already.

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