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‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’ actress Kaveri Priyam simply enjoys acting and does not like to restrict herself when it comes to platforms!


“I want to explore my talent. If it is provided to me by a show or a web series or a movie, I am all for it. I am not platform-bound. I see myself at some level right now, but how it will shape up, and where and when I don’t know that. I want to be the most successful actress,” said the actress, who featured in “Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke” and now would be seen in Ziddi Dil Maane Na produced by Sudhir and Seema Sharma (Sunshine Productions) which is going on air from 30th August on Sony Sab.

So far, she has learnt that hard work and persistence never fail a person. For her, it’s also important to evolve her craft, looks, and personality. “I think evolution is the key to success in this field,” she said. She feels that being present at the right time at the right place changes the game.

“I believe in luck, but being prepared for that moment is all the more important. Otherwise, sometimes the luck also doesn’t work. Luck works best when you are prepared for that moment,” said Kaveri. According to her, a mentor is necessary for one’s career.

“My parents are my mentors along with a few of my friends from this industry who have been a constant support and have guided me. When I entered the industry, I had no idea what works and what doesn’t work, so knowing that is very important and that can be only known when you have someone to guide you,” she shared.

Five years from now, she sees herself as a very successful and renowned actress. “I don’t want to put a name as of now because the sky is the limit. I would not say star or superstar because anything could happen, and I am a very positive person. I believe that if you put your heart to something it turns out well. Maybe I’ll even have my own production house,” she said.

Considering the pandemic, she feels that people need a backup because one cannot rely on one thing, especially in showbiz. “It’s very dicey these days, so you definitely need to have a backup or another plan or another business sort of a thing so that you can stay at peace,” she said.

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