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5 reasons why Simu Liu is perfect for Marvel’s Shang Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings

Shang Chi and The Legends of Ten Rings is an upcoming Marvel superhero action movie, which has left no stones unturned to keep the excitement and anticipation among fans at the pinnacle. Though Marvel took time to come back with another movie, nearly over 2 years, fans around the world seem to be elated. They can’t wait to watch the film, which is added to the long list of blockbusters produced by Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and distributed by Marvel Studios. A Destin Daniel Cretton directorial, this movie introduces a brand new hero to the franchise, Simu Liu, whose Shang Chi look got everyone talking and all the more interested. He rose to fame for his portrayal of Jung in the popular sitcom Kim’s Convenience. If the initial reactions are any indication for this actor’s phenomenal debut in this whole new avatar as Shang Chi, here are five reasons why we think he is perfect for the role:

Manifested the idea of Marvel’s first Asian superhero ages ago

Simu, like all of us, is a Marvel fan, who brought light to having an Asian Superhero back in the time when Captain America and Thor were in the limelight. He sparked an idea which was accepted years later by Marvel. And, guess what? He is Marvel’s first Asian superhero. While this might be a mere coincidence how the universe aligned this role for him, but, it surely gives us enough motivation to not miss this movie.

Fighting style in the film is inspired by Jackie Chan

The action sequences performed by Simu in Shang Chi and The Legends of Ten Rings are inspired by Jackie Chan. As we all know, Jackie Chan is famous for his quintessential martial arts and acting skills. There is no wonder that the stunts from this film might look similar to JC movies because MCU used the same stunt team. Being a stuntman himself, it will be exciting to watch Simu adapt a few famous tricks a la JC style and implement them in a Marvel movie.

What makes Simu Liu and Shang Chi similar?

Simu is very similar to his character Shang Chi. He firmly stands for what he believes in and tries to showcase his beliefs and ideas through his work. In life, he also tries to break barriers and explore topics and subjects which are less talked about. We can find the same characteristics in his superhero avatar as well. Shang Chi too is someone who stands for what he thinks is right and functions around the whole notion of how to make this world a better place to live.

Charming action hero

When it was announced that Simu Liu will be headlining this movie, the actor-writer-stuntman immediately became the talk of the town. It became breaking news for his and MCU fans across the globe. Everyone was surprised and has been looking forward to an Asian actor, known for comical roles, to don the hat of a superhero on screen. The first glance of the movie, Simu Liu as an action hero, was appreciated. He notched up his charming game, looks handsome and every bit a perfect fit, more so because he wasn’t confined to a muscular physique, but kept it real and relatable. He broke the traditional barriers of how a superhero should be like.

Passionate actor

Known as a hard-working and passionate artist, Simu gives his 100 percent to every character he takes up. He practices his role for hours and hours to get in the skin of the character and feels comfortable becoming someone else in the reel world to do justice to his performance. Apart from his acting prowess, it’s his dedication and determination that made Simu the one and only choice for the makers of this movie.

Shang Chi and The Legends of Ten Rings is releasing in Indian theatres on September 03, 2021, in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Don’t miss to book your date with this exciting new watch!

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