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5 Successful films on women with a strong message!

All these movies subtly underline the way women are treated in India, be it a metropolitan city or a village. Be it a married woman or a single, college going girl. It is promising to see actors anchoring such narratives and more and more filmmakers present such content and educating the audience.

1. 200 – Halla Ho! – ZEE5’s recently released film, is inspired by the horrific incident that took place in our country in 2004. It shows us the reality of tormented Dalit women, who stand up against the horrors perpetrated by the politician-policeman-criminal nexus. A film which shows the ugly side of the society and the way women of different castes and religion are treated.

2. Thappad – This 2019’s release was based on a story of a married woman who is ready to divorce her husband as his one slap makes her realize the society we live in. The protagonist of the story, into an exploration of patriarchy, male entitlement, misogyny, the normalization of domestic violence against women, and how women are forced by their own in keeping the family together.

3. Bulbbul – A woman who refuses to wait for a savior, for the prince charming, and takes matters into her own hands, is conveniently branded as the ‘witch’. The women superheroes, if not sexualized in tight, bustier costumes to satisfy the male gaze, don’t get to be powerful or brave enough.

4. Pagglait – This Umesh Bist’s directorial is an unconventional film that presents the life of a Hindu widow who loses her husband within a few months of their marriage. After his death, the main lead doesn’t give up on her life but in fact, transforms her life. She is not someone who is willing to depend on anyone.

5. Chhapaak – The film depicts the tale of one horrific incident that has sparked the conversation on acid attack victims and how it can happen to anyone, anywhere. A story that needed to be told and interestingly the role of an acid attack victim is played by Deepika Padukone, who is considered to be the most beautiful actress of this generation.

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