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“Action scenes are like mixing dance and science, so I really want to work in an action thriller film,” says actress Jyoti Saxena

When we talk about any Bollywood film, the first thing that comes to mind is what the film’s genre would be. However, sometimes we make mistakes by just focusing on a certain group of celebrities that are adept at playing that role. But that is not the case, since many deserving celebrities just wish to avoid being stereotyped for a particular genre and take a chance to amaze their audience with their stellar performances, among which one is our talented diva Jyoti Saxena..

Jyoti Saxena, who is known for her endearing personality and adorable looks, has expressed her desire to work in a certain genre of film and to astound viewers with her stellar performance.

“Whenever I get any offers, I have always been chosen in a few specific, endearing roles, but I’d like to step outside my comfort zone and work in an action thriller movie that would be completely women-centric and challenge me to play such a noteworthy character. Action scenes are like mixing dance and science, so I really want to shoot action scenes. It calls for accuracy, and I suppose I fall into that category. Yes, an actor needs to astound their audience and allow them to see you in amazement and astonishment. Because I constantly want to challenge myself and prove myself, I hope that the public will see me in that role soon.” The actress exclaims

We definitely want to wait to see Jyoti Saxena do such tough scenes on screen and amaze the audience with her stunning performance. Stay tuned for more updates.

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