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Actor Sahil Mehta’s short film, ‘Birha: The Journey Back Home’ bags the award for Best Foreign Short Film at the Hollywood Shorts Fest 2022

The Bollywood industry is one industry where it takes a lot of effort, for an actor to get into every character. Every role an actor plays is very different from the other. And getting enoromous love, appreciation, and acclamation from everyone is like a pat on the back for the actors. And one such charming personality, who is being praised back to back, getting nominated and bagging awards for his roles, is none other than actor Sahil Mehta.

The upcoming star of bollywood Sahil Mehta, is constantly in the good books of the critics and viewers for his phenomenal performance in his latest released movies.The actor has also won our hearts for his marvellous performances in “Birha” and “Pariah”. And not only this, but the movies were nominated for their respective film festivals.

The film, Gair (Pariah) directed by the National Award winning, Nishant Roy Bombarde, got officially selected for 3 renowned film festivals, which are none other than the ‘New York Indian Film Festival 2022’, ‘Kashish Queer Film Festival 2022’, and
‘The International Short Film Festival of Kerala 2022’. Not only this, but Sahil was also nominated for the Best Actor category at the Kashish Queer Film Festival 2022.

Whereas for Birha, the short film was officially selected at the ‘Hollywood Short Festival 2022’. And all the hard work and efforts finally paid off, as Sahil Mehta and his team were honoured at the Hollywood Shorts Fest 2022 in the category of Best Foreign Short Film. Birha, also stars veterans like Rajit Kapur, Manav Vig and Seema Kaushal.

With all the love being showered on him, Sahil Mehta has nothing but his heart filled with love. The actor says, “We just made these films with the right intention and complete passion and it’s an honour to get these films such big and prestigious platforms. It was just each and everyone’s efforts , hard work, and sleepless nights that paid off well. I am happy and grateful that this year is full of love and appreciation. All the movies were well received by the audience and I just hope the upcoming years will be the same or, for that matter, the best. I am just grateful and humbled for all the love ”

Sahil Mehta was last seen in Good Luck Jerry and Rakshabandhan.

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