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Anil Kapoor has the wackiest reply to the trollers who mock him for his body hair, on Arbaaz Khan’s Pinch promo

One of the most energetic stars of Bollywood has been the favourite target of trolling for a long time. Anil Kapoor is the next guest on the QuPlay’s Pinch Season 2 and in the promo, Anil slays trollers with his sassy attitude.

The actor has made his mind against trollers. When a user advised him to use social media sensibly, the actor says, “Ek hi toh zindagi hai, ab yeh sab cheezon ko bhi seriously lunga, toh kaise jeeunga.” Another user called him and his daughter, Sonam Kapoor shameless and commented that they can do anything for money. Anil laughs and states, “The user might be in a bad mood or in a sad state while tweeting this comment.”

One thing that is attached with Kapoor, is his secret of being ever youthful and energetic. Anil finally shared his secret by saying, “I’m very conscience while giving close-ups (shot). The audience pays money to see my film, and if I shoot with disinterest and tiredness, then I’m cheating them.” Anil has another valuable piece of advice for uninformed trollers, he says, “If you don’t have adequate knowledge about something, you don’t need to be trigger happy and you should avoid commenting on it.”

In the social world, there are several memes on Anil Kapoor’s body hair, but the actor has come up with a hilarious reply to it by saying, “Aaj mein mundan kar ke aaya hoon, aapke show par. Aaj kal transplant bahut chal raha hai, jis ko baal chahiye… le lo.”

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