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Awkwafina on her role as Katy and sharing some interesting insights of her character in Shang- Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings

The wait is about to get over soon and Marvel produced Shang- Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings is coming to your nearest theatre this Friday. Keeping the excitement high among the fans , the cast of this movie is leaving no stones unturned and are making all the right noises to increase the curiosity among the viewers. Awkwafina is known for her comical timings but she played a crucial role in this movie. This actress proved her versatility as an actress by becoming Katy in this movie.

Decodiong her role as Katy, the supremely talented actress said, “Katy is what I would love to be as a friend, which is loyal. I think she really trusts Shang-Chi. At the same time, in a world where he is wary about who he lets into his life, she doesn’t really judge him for his past and trusts him. She’s a really good friend, and also useless — I think there might be some luck involved in certain aspects of her life. So it’s fun that she gets to tag along. She gets some action. There is a pole scene … well, it’s scaffolding. You know, we’re not in the club.”

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton this movie is releasing in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in your nearest theatres on September 03, 2021.

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