Check what’s the inspiration behind Jagdeep Sidhu’s ‘Qismat 2’!

Qismat 2 is undoubtedly one of the most awaited movies of the year 2021. The first Qismat is regarded as an all-time great in Punjabi cinema, and when the sequel was revealed, fans were ecstatic.

The film’s official title tune has been published, and the Qismat 2 crew has also released another music called “Janam” on YouTube. The director of the film, Jagdeep Sidhu, has explained what motivated him to produce Qismat 2 ahead of its international cinema premiere on September 24th.

Jagdeep Sidhu took his Instagram account to share a handful of new tales. ‘The creator is one. We all inspire from his creations.’ We all take inspiration from his inventions,’ he said, before revealing the idea for Qismat 2 in the next narrative. He posted a video of Vishal Mishra, a singer, singing a song. This song, according to Jagdeep, was the one that motivated him to produce Qismat 2. Have a look here-

Vishal Mishra performed and produced the song “Kaise Hua” from Shahid Kapoor’s film Kabir Singh. It’s fascinating that a song by him inspired Jagdeep Sidhu to produce a whole film. The world is full of sources of inspiration; all we have to do is search for them and identify them.

The sequel to Qismat is almost set to hit theatres throughout the world. Under the supervision of Jagdeep Sidhu, Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta are ready to deliver another heartfelt narrative to the screen. We’ll almost certainly be weeping when we exit the theatre. Keep tissue paper on you at all times.

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