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Director Ashish Shrivastav: Good that new content are being churned, that’s very much needed… but by content, I don’t mean remakes with a twist

With the infection in a controlled stage and restrictions lifted, the television industry is slowly getting back to its feet. Ashish Shrivastav, director of the TV show Tera Mera Saath Rahe, is happy that work has started and things are rolling but it’s still not like what it was before.

`Yes, TV has managed to survive nicely. Many makers went to outer locations to shoot so it helped many people. Good that new content is being churned, right now that’s very much needed,` says the director of shows such as Shaadi Mubarak, Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke, Piya Albela and Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki.

Festive sequences are an integral part of shows on the tube. And there are reasons why they are so essential and TRP is just one of the factors.

`The reason they are popular is because we try to show reality on screen, so it is also important to celebrate all these festivals that are an integral part of our daily life. That helps us maintain the real and relatable factors. And, yes, such sequences also get us TRPs but it also depends on the track, how it is written, presented, incorporated and performed,` he adds.

With Ganpati festival ending, Dussehra festivities followed by Karwa Chauth and Diwali are the upcoming few sequences that would liven up the small screen. Apart from all the glitz, glamour and fun, some big revelation or a twist in the tale that shows often show alongside such celebrations are also something that the audiences look forward to, shares Ashish.

`But we do not always do that because during such festivities, the audience are also busy celebrating. So, at times they might miss the big twist or revelation. It all depends on the time and requirement,` he explains.

Content on TV is ever-evolving. The drama quotient has to be constantly high to make sure the audiences are glued to the screen. `These days, many new shows are actually remakes of old classic hits. So, not many new shows with new content are coming. Seeing the current scenario, no one is ready to experiment. Par ha audiences ko khush karne ki koshish mein purane shows with a little twist banaye ja rahe hain,` he ends.

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