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FIR registered against Gurdas Maan even after his apology, check out the full story!

Gurdas Maan, the Punjabi legendary singer, is facing yet another legal battle. Gurdas Maan’s latter years haven’t been particularly enjoyable. After a career filled with grandeur and Punjabi folk, he’s begun to tarnish his reputation as a result of his continuous negative comments.

Gurdas Maan recently enraged the Sikh community by referring to Sai Laddi Shah Ji, the previous leader of Dera Baba Murad Shah, as a descendent of Shri Guru Amar Das Ji, the third Sikh Guru. While he has received a lot of public backlash for making such statements, it now has a legal basis.

Gurdas Maan afterward issued a public apology for his remarks. He clarified that he was not comparing Laddi Shah Ji to the great Guru, but rather that they were both born into the same Bhalla family, therefore the descent. But that was not enough to calm the already enraged Sikh community. Here is the clip he posted on his Instagram handle-

The Jalandhar Police Department has filed an FIR against the singer. Many Sikh groups protested outside the Jalandhar Police Station, asking that the SSC file a case against Gurdas Maan. The police consented to file an FIR after they blocked the Jalandhar-Delhi route on the fourth day of the demonstration. Despite Gurdas Maan’s public apologies for offending the feelings of all those who were wounded by his statement, it appears that the apology was ineffective. The FIR filed against Gurdas Maan has elicited no response from him yet.

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