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Five times Red, White & Royal Blue proved to be the perfect swoon-fest!

Five times Red, White & Royal Blue proved to be the perfect swoon-fest!

Ever since the world has witnessed the epic love-story of American heartthrob Alex Claremont-Diaz and British royal Prince Henry, in Red, White & Royal Blue, romance-genre fans and Prime Video viewers worldwide can’t seem to get enough of the two of them! With the Kissing Booth fame Taylor Zakhar Lopez as Alex and Cinderella’s Prince Charming Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry, the on-screen chemistry of the leading couple undoubtedly sizzles throughout the film. Taking note of global fans’ top picks, here are five of the most loved scenes from Red, White & Royal Blue!

1. The look exchanged in Alex’s party

Following their cake-based altercation, Henry is invited to the party at the White House. Amid the dancing and drinking, with Lil Jon’s “Get Low” playing over the speakers, the pair are standing at opposite sides of the room. As all the other guests drop to the floor, Henry and Alex remain standing. They catch each other’s eye, the music slows, and it becomes clear that a spark has been set off between them.

2. The soaked stairway reunion

After months of being separated, when Alex bashfully crosses the ocean to meet with a locked up Henry, England welcomes him with a torrential downpour! Standing soaking wet on the doors of Buckingham Palace, Alex and Henry rush across to embrace each other, and most would lie if they say they did not clutch their hearts to see those two have a sweet reunion.

3. The museum hideaway date

Following a rain-soaked altercation in the Buckingham Palace about their future, Alex takes Henry to his favourite museum, a place where, at night, “no one else is around to gawk at you or try to take your picture.” The prince explains: “When I was younger, I would dream of taking somebody I loved here, and he’d love it just as much as I do. And we’d dance right here amidst all these statues, just a daft pubescent fantasy.” And as they dance away to Perfume Genius’ chilling cover of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’, it truly melts your heart to see them together.

4. Alex & Henry against the world

After their raunchy emails get leaked and Alex and Henry’s relationship is reluctantly ousted, crowds of thousands form around the UK in support of the power couple, providing Henry with the courage to “no longer be the prince of shame and secrets”. “Starting today, the world will know me for who I am, and not who you want me to be,” he says. Alex and Henry subsequently face the world together as a couple, one that refuses to be restrained by the archaic rules of the monarchy.

5. Alex’s speech

After Henry and Alex are outed to the world by a journalist, the pair attempt to grapple with what their relationship means for their families, their countries and their roles in public life. In one of the film’s most poignant moments, Alex gives a speech to the press and to the people of the US from the White House, in which he professes his love for Henry, and emotionally condemns the forced outing. His epic line, “The truth is, every queer person has the right to come out on their own terms, and on their own timeline. They also have the right to choose not to come out at all”, is easily one of the film’s best.

Prime Video’s long-awaited adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s beloved eponymous novel also stars Golden-Globe Award winning actress Uma Thurman and Sarah Shahi in pivotal roles and is directed by Tony-Award winner Mathhew Lopez. The young-adult queer romance is now streaming on Prime Video in 240+ countries and territories worldwide.