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From varied genres to eclectic cast – 5 reasons you need to watch ALTBalaji’s Crimes and Confessions

ALTBalaji is often known for stepping out of its niche and giving its audience a different story to witness and a different experience to be a part of each time. One of their most recent anthologies, called Crimes and Confessions, delivers precisely that. As the name suggests, the series includes various stories that are not very common, yet the outrageous and fascinating confessions in each episode somehow seem to strike a chord within us. Here are the top 5 reasons that make us believe you need to give Crimes and Confessions a watch:




  1.           Extremely Talented Cast:


The show features a star cast that has already received an overwhelming response from its viewers and fans. Each episode in the series is a story that is never heard before. The cast’s ability to adapt to their roles and execute them so well flawlessly deserves so much credit. Ankit Bathla, who has previously left his mark by working on shows such as Naagin 4 and Thapki Pyaar Ki plays the lead in one of the segments set in the pre-independence Era. We also get to see the super talented Shweta Gulati, who played Tina Ahuja in the popular 2003 show Remix, making a comeback in Crimes and Confessions. Her character of a lesbian scandalized many and also brought laurels. Some of the other actors that will definitely impress you with their performances are Samikssha Bhatnagar, Lekha Prajapati, Ankita Chakraborty, Manoj Karna and many others!




  1.           Perfect blend of multiple genres:


ALTBalaji has brought the perfect blend of genres such as romance, crime, innocence, drama, youth-related stories and touches upon each of them in their episodes. 


Crimes and Confessions capture human feelings such as love, longing, jealousy, and greed and focus on individuality and gender politics while also taking the viewers on a journey that keeps them entertained throughout. Who would want to miss out on something like this? We know we don’t!




  1.           Crime Anthology:


Crimes and Confessions is an anthology; it features five exciting stories spread over 6 episodes, each different from the other and packed with tons of thrill, excitement and drama. Each story focuses on a different theme and has something new to offer to the viewers making each episode an experience.




  1.           Different Eras:


You read that right, and the show takes the viewers through different emotions and experiences and different eras. The plot of the stories has been made attractive for the viewers to watch by setting it in different eras. Through Crimes and Confessions, the viewers find an escape into the different eras while being entertained by the brilliant dialogues. One of them happens to be, ‘Iss duniya mein log nahi kahaani rehti hai’. Also, the screenplay and set design in the stories based on different eras is impeccable, making it a treat to the eyes.




  1.           Available on ALTBalaji, easy on your pockets:


ALTBalaji is one of India’s leading homegrown OTT platforms, and it makes sure that its viewers enjoy it as much as possible. Their current subscription plans are highly pocket-friendly and worth the investment. Offering a 3-month subscription for Rs. 100, a half-yearly subscription for Rs. 180 and a yearly subscription for Rs. 300 ONLY, ALTBalaji remains one of the most affordable OTT services in the country. So what are you waiting for, then?




Let us know which episode was your favourite if you have already watched the show. For those who haven’t, the show is streaming now on ALTBalaji!

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