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From waiting for 21 years to make this film to Irrfan Khan being the original choice for the lead role, here are some things revealed by the makers of Sardar Udham

Making a movie based on the life of a freedom fighter is a herculean task. With Amazon Original Movie Sardar Udham releasing on October 16th, here are 5 things the makers of the movie, Director – Shoojit Sircar and Producer – Ronnie Lahiri, revealed about the movie based on the life of a revolutionary. 


A 21 year process

Shoojit Sircar was also deeply affected by his visit to Jallianwala Bagh over 20 years ago, and started reading about what happened. He went to libraries, collated documents and sourced information from survivors of the massacre. When he started this journey, he wasn’t sure if he would actually make this film. He says, “There was a passion with which I came to Mumbai to make this film. So just like Sardar Udham Singh, I have waited 21 years to make this film. Whatever my expression is, I have poured it completely into this film”.


Irrfan Khan was to play Udham Singh before Vicky took the mantle

The first actor who came into the mind of the makers of the movie for to play the lead role was the phenomenal actor, the late Irrfan Khan. Due to his chronic illness and unfortunate demise, the makers of the movie saw Sardar Udham in Vicky Kaushal. Going by his look in the trailer, we can surely say that has absolutely nailed it. We could see the love for our country and a passion in his eyes as Sardar Udham, and fans of Vicky simply can’t wait to watch him in this movie. 


Recreation of Sets

Creating an environment which justifies the world of 1919-1940 was a herculean task. However, with passion, zeal, hard work and a dedication to tell the story of Udham Singh, all film sets in this movie were recreated to give an authentic and rustic vibe of the older British era. The trailer of the movie showcases massive pillar buildings with vintage cars, trains working on coal, and how India looked during the time of colonial rule. 


Ronnie Lahiri, the Producer is a history buff

Ronnie Lahiri is considered as one of the finest producers in the country to make films which are not only blockbusters but are relatable to people in some way or the other. Films produced by him impart knowledge on viewers about things and social issues which are considered as a taboo to talk about. He is known for producing movies like Vicky Donor, Pink, Piku, Gulabo Sitabo and now Sardar Udham. But do you know that along with being a great producer he is a history buff who loves to visit the past of our country and gain knowledge about what happened. Having worked with Shoojit Sircar before, the duo with a lot of similar interests knew that it was absolutely essential to dive deep into this subject to make a movie on Sardar Udham Singh. And having seen the trailer, we can say that their effort is simply outstanding. 


A lot of Intense Research

The backbone for any movie is intense research. Both the producer, Ronnie and the director Shoojit are fond of history and try to learn a lot from what happened in the past. Shoojit was interested in studying the life of Sardar Udham Singh from a very early age of his career. Though he never thought about making a movie on him. He studied Singh for 21 years before getting the confidence to make a movie on him. 


Hoping that these 5 reasons made you excited and you finally can’t wait to watch Sardar Udham which is releasing on October 16, 2021 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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