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Giorgia Andriani Says She Wants To Taste The Real Flavour Of Desi Navratri In A Gaon

The most colorful festival of the year is here again. It is time to dive deep into divinity and observe piousness in thought and action. The time has come to celebrate Navratri, the nine days dedicated to the worship of nine avatars of Goddess Durga. And actress, Giorgia Andriani, like everyone else, is super excited for this year’s Navratri festivities.

It’s festive season and we hope that you must be ready for it. Aren’t you?
Navratri 2022 is finally here and everyone is super excited to get into the festive mood with their ghagra cholis. In an interview, Giorgia revealed her desire to spend Navratri in a gaon. The actress went on to say, “I actually love festivals. In fact, I wish for the next Navratri, for sure I will go somewhere in a gaon, like I really want to have that experience of going to a gaon and to live there for like a week and living the festivals. I’d love it. ”

We definitely can’t wait to see Giorgia’s desi ghagra choli look!

On the work front, Giorgia will soon make her Bollywood debut with Shreyas Talpade in Welcome To Bajrangpur.

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