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Himansh Kohli’s new music video Chura Liya is all about love

Yaariyaan actor Himansh Kohli has given a touch of romance to his new music video Chura Liya. “Love is in the air from the very first frame. It is hard to explain what the actual definition of love is. You got to watch the song to experience how amazing it is,” he said.

Anushka Sen, who also features in the video, brought great energy on the set. “Anushka is a very fun person and is a quick learner, pairing up with her felt like a breeze. She is a great energy on the set and we clicked the moment we met,” said the actor.

Himansh has emerged as the new icon of romance in B-Town, and he feels glad about it. “I’m just doing my bit as an actor whether it’s the feeling of love or hate or role as a hero or a villain. I have always idolized Shah Rukh Khan Sir, and as his fellow Scorpion mate, it is my duty to be good at romance too. I am just super thankful for all the love and appreciation, both complimentary and critical. Also, SRK Sir’s birthday is on November 2 and mine is on November 3,” said the Humse Hai Life actor.

Talking about the response to his music video, he said, “It’s Day 1. I’m just looking at the numbers on YouTube, and the amount of unread messages piling up in my DMs talking about the song. I’m stoked to check how it fares out when we reach milestones of 24 hour, 48 hour, and so on.”

The song has been sung by Parampara and Sachet of Kabir Singh fame. “Parampara and Sachet are a lovely couple to interact with. They blend so well that it felt as comfortable as working with regular actors. Currently, the couple is a social media sensation and I think they are one of the best singer couples in the country,” he said.

On music videos being a good way to connect to the audience, he said, “Do you think any medium is bad if it lets you connect with people? An actor should be versatile enough to make himself relevant in any medium. Music videos are the cream of a long format content, and doing just them is nothing but absolute fun. But I can’t deny how challenging it gets when you have to match words, moves, and the emotions of the character with the rhythm of the song. Sometimes the story from the lyrics, the story which the character is portraying, and the beat of the song are different. But when it gets challenging, it becomes an opportunity to do an award-worthy performance.”

Himansh feels that love is the least expressed emotion in actual lives, but the most expressed genre in front of the camera. “This is because we love to see what we desire and stories of love excite people of all ages. I’m glad to be a part of so many memorable on-screen love stories and I still get DMs mentioning each of the roles I have played so far,” he said.

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