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Hombale Films ‘Kantara’ is unstoppable! Surpasses the massive mark of 75 Crores with a whopping total of 75.95 Crores!

_#Kantara on its 50th day will have more screens than its 1st day of release!_

Hombale Films ‘Kantara’ continues its success streak at the box office bagging 2.7 Cr. Net on Sunday in the Hindi market while it triumphs the mark of 75 Cr. with its total amounting to 75.95 Cr. till 13th November.

Hombale Films ‘Kantara’ is conquering multiple milestones with its constant rise. First in Kannada and then in the Pan India market, the film is making history all over. Moreover, its growth in the Hindi market has created examples of its success ever since its release on 14 October. The growth figures for the film’s collection at the box office are on a stupendous high and now have reached the mark of 75 Cr in the Hindi market. Kantara Hindi has consistengly been growing at the box office, with collections reaching a total of 75.95 Cr. till 13th November, Sunday.

Having a look at its first-week box office figures, Kantara opened up with a huge collection of 1.27 Cr. Net on the very first day in the Hindi market on 14 October, Friday. Its second-day collection on 15 October, Saturday was 2.75 Cr. and 3.5 Cr. Net on the third day 16 October, Sunday in the Hindi market. Moreover, on its first Monday, 17 October, the film collected 1.75 Cr. Net in the Hindi market despite the reduction in ticket rates which was an outstanding jump of 40% to 50% in the collections as compared to its first day. With 1.88 Cr. Net on 18 October, Tuesday, and 1.95 Cr. Net on 19 October, Wednesday, the film registered a steady growth with a collection of 1.90 Cr. Net in the Hindi market on 20 October, Thursday, which also jumped to 2.05 Cr. Net in the Hindi Market on 21 October, Friday. On 22 October, Saturday its box office collection in the Hindi market reached 2.55 Cr. Net and 2.65 Cr. Net on 23 October, Sunday.

As the film entered another week, on 24 October, Monday the film collected 1.90 Cr. Net and on 25 October, Tuesday it garnered 2.35 Cr. which jumped on to 2.60 Cr. Net on 26 October, Wednesday, and very well maintained its steady growth on 27 October, Thursday with a collection of 2.60 Cr. Net, that went on to 2.75 Cr. Net on 28 October, Friday, followed by a huge jump with 4.1 Cr. Net on 29 October, Saturday, and then saw the time highest collection since its release with 4.4 Cr. on 30 October, Sunday in the Hindi market.

Ahead of this, the film went on to capture the next week while it collected 2.3 Cr. Net on 31 October, Monday and maintained a steady growth on 01 November, Tuesday with 2.3 Cr. Net which jumped to 2.05 Cr. Net on 02 November, Wednesday in the Hindi market. On 03 November, Thursday it garnered 2.05 crores and on 04 November, Friday it was 2.05 Cr. while it registered 4.15 Cr. on 05 November, Saturday it went on collect the highest collection ever since its release with 4.5 Cr. Net on 06 November, Sunday, and 2.0 Cr. Net on 07 November, Monday which rosed to 2.6 Cr. Net on 08 November, Tuesday, that amounted to 1.5 Cr. Net on 09 November, Wednesday, with 1.25 Cr. Net on 10 November, Thursday, 1.25 Cr. Net on 11 November, Friday with 2.3 Cr. Net on 12 November, Saturday, and then on 13 November, Sunday it collected 2.7 Cr. Net in the Hindi market. Apart from its phenomenal box office journey, ‘Kantara’ also made its position at No. 1 in the list of India’s Current Top 250 Films which was released by IMDb recently.

Kantara was released in the Kannada version and Hindi version on 30th September and 14th October respectively. The film is written and directed by Rishab Shetty. Produced by Vijay Kiragandur and Chaluve Gowda, under Hombale Films, the film features Rishab Shetty, Sapthami Gowda, and Kishore Kumar G in pivotal roles.

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