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How many “HEY”s are too many Hey’s for actress Giorgia Andriani along with her house helps in a recent trending video. Check out the viral video now!

Engaging with the audience is the key factor that makes the bond stronger between the fans and the celebrities. And actress Giorgia Andriani definitely knows how to keep her fans engaged. The actress has etched her name forever in our hearts. Let it be her mesmerizing looks, her amazing dance moves, or her fitness, she has always aced everything with excellence. Giorgia, who is very active on social media and has a huge fan base, came back to win our hearts once more.

Every reel, picture, or video that the actress uploads on her handel, showcases her amazing personality. But the reels with her house help are what make us giggle.

Giorgia recently took to her social media and uploaded a very adorable clip with all her house helpers and her dogs, Huggo and Dolche. Hoping on to the trending tune of “Hey,” the actress, along with her gang were seen vibing to it. All her househelps, were seen perfectly lipsyncing to the word ‘Hey’, and the dogs turned their heads on the exact timing. Towards the end, we can see Giorgia sitting in the center, surrounded by her army, aka the house helps, and they togetherly said, “hey.” Their chemistry is what makes us smile and you surely do not want to miss it.

Check out the video now

Giorgia captioned the video, “Hey 🙋🏻‍♀️”

The reel definitely shows us how down-to-earth our favorite actress, Giorgia, is, as she believes in equality and considers her house helps a part of her family.

On the work front, Giorgia Andriani will soon make her Bollywood debut with Shreyas Talpade in Welcome to Bajrangpur.

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