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Jennifer Lopez gives a sneak peek on her wedding dress for her movie Shotgun Wedding

Director Jason Moore’s Shotgun Wedding is soon going to be available on the Prime Video channels in India. The feel-good movie stars Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel as the bride and groom, who are pulling all strings to make it the most special day of their lives. While the film is being lauded for its storyline, JLo’s elaborate wedding dress, created by designer Mitchell Travers, became the talk of the town.
Sharing her thoughts on the wedding dress, Jennifer said, “For almost the entire movie, I’m just wearing that one dress, so plotting out everything that dress goes through was intense. It needed to be a big dress with so many layers to it. There was a certain feeling I wanted it (the dress) to have in the beginning, of not being perfect for Darcy but perfect for the idea of a perfect wedding that she was trying to fit into. As the story progresses and as she faces the things she needs to face, it morphs and strips away the layer and the dress becomes something closer to what she would have chosen if it was her choice. If she did what she wanted to do, instead of just trying to please everybody else.”

Shotgun Wedding showcases the story of a couple planning their marriage at a destination. Trying to make their day of marriage the most important day, the couple is doing all they can until they along with their loved ones are held as hostages. Both the to-be bride and groom have to work together to free their loved ones from the kidnappers. So, be ready to go on a thrilling ride with the cast of Shotgun Wedding. The movie is set to stream on Lionsgate Play and Prime Video Channels from January 27 onwards.

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