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Karan Aujla and Harjit Harman have been charged for hurling derogatory remarks towards women in their song ‘Sharab’!

Although lovers of Punjabi music are celebrating the release of Karan Aujla’s BTFU, one of the album’s tracks has landed the singer in legal problems. Karan Aujla, one of the most well-known musicians in Punjabi music, has been sued for his song “Sharab,” which he co-wrote with Harjit Harman.

The song Sharab, penned by Karan Aujla and starring Harjit Harman, has been criticized for expressing derogatory comments against women in general. Panditrao Dharennavar, a Chandigarh resident who became well-known for carrying around hoardings with social messages, has filed a legal complaint against Karan Aujla, Harjit Harman, and the music label Speed Records, whereby the album is released.

Panditrao’s lawsuit claims that the song’s vocabulary is very offensive, comparing women to drugs, alcohol, and firearms, which is extremely disrespectful. On September 22, 2021, at 12:00 p.m., Manisha Gulati, the chairman of the Punjab State Women Commission, called the owner of Speed Records, Karan Aujla, and Harjit Harman. For legal procedures, they must appear before the Punjab State Women Commission at S.A.S. Nagar.

Chairperson Manisha Gulati also used social media to publish a copy of the notice with the public in order to inform them of the legal action. She also chastised Karan Aujla and Harjit Harman for making vulgar statements about women in their most recent song, claiming that the singers, as well as their record label, Speed Records, had been summoned for a context of personal. Have a look here-

Panditrao had taken it upon himself to denounce Harjit Harman for collaborating with Karan Aujla on an unpleasant song like “Sharab” even before the song or album had been released. He’s now chosen to take the fight to the courts. The hearing is set for September 22nd, and more information will be provided on that day.

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