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Karan Aujla rules the internet with the song “Click That B Kickin It”!

Finally, the time has come. We have the second track from Karan Aujla’s breakthrough career album, BacThfu*UP, after months of waiting. After Karan Aujla’s release of ‘Chu Gon Do?’ about two months ago, Click That B Kickin It is the latest song from Karan Aujla’s BTFU. On the Speed Records Youtube Channel, it has been officially released.

Aujla has sung the song, wrote the lyrics, and also composed it. There is no question that Karan Aujla is one of the greatest singers the business has ever seen, and this song is proof of that. The only connection that God has left for us to choose is friendship. The song is about a great friendship relationship. It is already one of the purest connections in the world, but guys are willing to lay down their lives for their buddies. This relationship is wonderfully described in the song. Let’s check out the full music video here-

The album’s first single received some criticism for not being up to Karan Aujla’s standards, but Tru Skool has outdone himself this time. When it comes to the song’s music video, Rupan Bal has left no room for criticism this time. While the music is completely Punjabi folk with a modern twist, the song’s visual is quite modern in comparison.

Without a doubt, Click That B Kickin is a great game. BacThafu*UP season appears to have arrived at long last, as it is getting a lot of appreciation from the audience.

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