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Music Composer Rohit Sharma and Lyricist Dr. Sagar come together once again, this time for the Season 3 of Flames by TVF (The Viral Fever)

After the first two seasons of Flames that kept viewers engrossed in nostalgia-inducing, coming-of-age stories of high school, romance, and family relationships, the TVF production released its third season on the 28th of October, much to the anticipation of the audience. This new season, which will stream on Amazon Prime Video, also sees the coming together of a musical duo that has, in recent times, been creating headlines in the field of OTT music—music composer Rohit Sharma and lyricist Dr. Sagar.

The series features two tracks by this duo, namely, “Naraz Hum” sung by Arnab Dutta & Parul Mishra, and “Kadam Kadam Hai Rokta” sung by Arnab Dutta—both beautifully composed and written by Rohit Sharma and Dr. Sagar respectively. Before Flames, music composer Rohit Sharma and lyricist Dr. Sagar have worked together on widely acclaimed projects in the OTT space such as Maharani 2 and Nirmal Pathak ki Ghar Waapsi, which stood out distinctly for their music as much as for their remarkable scripts and direction.

Rohit enthusiastically shares his experience working on this project, “With Dr. Sagar, I always know that the poetry will flow seamlessly.” I also thank dear friend Arunabh Kumar (Founder – TVF) and the TVF team for their continued trust & support, and for presenting me with beautiful opportunities such as Yeh Meri Family, Aspirants, and now Flames. ”

Apart from OTT, the duo has also worked on Anaarkali of Aarah and is presently working on a couple of film projects together. Previously, music composer Rohit Sharma has worked on titles such as The Kashmir Files, Ship of Theseus, and Buddha in a Traffic Jam.

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