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Nishant Singh Malkhani on Bigg Boss: Pros are the attention you get and the huge number of eyeballs you grab, people get to know the real you

Bigg Boss season 15 has started amid much fanfare and the audience, this time too are quite excited. Nishant Singh Malkhani, who participated in the show last year, also sounds thrilled that Bigg Boss is back. He discusses the pros and cons of this hit reality show hosted by Salman Khan.

“Pros are the attention you get and the huge number of eyeballs you grab while on the show. People recognize you by your real identity rather than just reel. Cons are one you have to face a lot of manipulation and politics, so if that’s not your nature then it does get ugly at times. Many people lie and cheat just to survive and that gets emotionally difficult,” says the actor, who is playing the leading role in the ongoing show Rakshabandhan: Rasal Apne Bhai ki Dhal.

The actor shares that the best benefit he felt is receiving the love and recognition for his real identity. “People on the streets now know me by my name now and love me for my real self. I’m proud of my journey in BB14…,” he adds.

Ask if he has any friends in the house this time and what he thinks about the jungle theme and Nishat replies, “I know a few of them but won’t call them friends. As far as the jungle task is concerned, it’s interesting. I’m sure there will be a lot of challenges too which come along with this theme and I’m excited to see how the inmates deal with it this time.”

Sharing his thoughts on host Salman Khan, the actor showers praises on the latter. “He’s synonymous now with Big Boss, can’t imagine it without him. He’s cool and wise at the same time. It’s super fun interacting with him while in the house,” says Nishant.

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