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Pankit Thakker: TV is a fluid medium and I just focus on the requirement of a particular track and my part in it

Pankit Thakker says that as the story of the show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha progressed, his character Chetan Rawal has become “more and more intricate and challenging”. The actor is content with how things are working out and thanks the makers of the fiction Sonali Jaffar and Amir Jaffar for the opportunity and the audience for all their support.

“Chetan Rawal is always standing by his family like a rock. He is truly a big pillar of support for the entire Rawal family and is someone who makes sure everyone is happy and safe. It feels good to play such a character,” he says.

Whether he is comfortable playing a negative or a positive character, Pankit adds, “I have played both positive and negative characters and I am equally comfortable in doing both. I don’t have a preference that I want to do only negative or only positive. It is really interesting to play both kinds of characters in a show because whenever a character changes, it does increase the intrigue factor and audiences’ who want more and more tadka are keen on knowing what happens next and stays glued to the storyline.”

On what more the audience can expect next from Chetan in coming times, he shares that there are many things that are going to happen and hopes that these changes will impress the viewers.

“As an artist I feel, one has to be a good actor to carry off a character, the way it has been perceived by the makers, so the challenge lies in self improvement and involvement in the character, if that is done right everything becomes easy. TV is a fluid medium and I just focus on the requirement of a particular track and my part in it. Of course there is a journey of my character but I don’t get into that as the makers decide how a particular character should be used and I just go by the book,” he says.

Adding that the drama in the show of late has been very high, he feels that is what is keeping the audiences hooked. “The time slot has been changed to 5.30 pm and we are doing well in this slot too. The loyal audience always sticks by no matter what, so yes they are watching it irrespective of the timing. While makers and actors need consistency, focus, hardwork and talent to build a loyal brigade, we all thrive and prosper on the love from the audience,” he adds.

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