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Praises ring in for Pan-India star Prabhas, hear what his co-stars have to say

Prabhas’ global fandom is no hidden secret. He is one of India’s top actors but some of the stars he has worked with also went onto claim that Prabhas is a very grounded, down to earth person and humble personality. It’s no surprise Prabhas is loved dearly by his fans and co-stars alike, these words prove it.

Kriti Sanon opened up on her shooting schedule and on working with Pan-India star Prabhas shared, “After a really long time I’m looking up at someone, so that is there. He’s (Prabhas) pretty tall, and I think when we both are in our respective costumes, it kind of comes out even better.”

She continues, “I have shot with him in the first schedule, and I am going to shoot with him in the next one. He is a very chilled out person, very humble, a big foodie, and people say that he is shy (and) he doesn’t talk much, but I don’t think it’s true at all. He’s pretty talkative, and I have really got a good equation with him.”

You read what Kriti had to say about her co-star but there is another person to share their feelings on Prabhas’down to earth nature.

Shruti Hassan spoke about Prabhas and said, “He is very chill, I did not expect him to be that chill. He is very confident about things he does. You know what’s lovely about him is, there is so much energy around him and excitement. He is genuinely down to earth. I have seen fake humility and fake down to earthiness, and I’m like ‘it is really nice you are behaving this yourself but that isn’t really you.’ I think we all have seen that, especially in the work environment…but the thing is, he is really down to earth and chill, which is refreshing.”

She continued, “I’m sure he is aware of this, stardom and position. But he never makes you feel so and that is really very pleasant. It is wonderful to work within that energy. The whole team of Salaar, the director and everyone on the sets has good vibe.”

Prabhas’ Radheshyam co-star Bhagyashree opened on working with him, “My first impression of Prabhas was of amazement. He floored me with his hospitality and humbleness. He enjoys superstardom but is always polite and grounded. Most of our conversations are about food and more often than not Prabhas used to share his homemade food with us on sets.”

If any further proof of Pan-India star Prabhas’ flattering nature is needed then no need to look any further. Prabhas recently treated two of her co-stars with foods and sweets on the movie sets. While Shruti was treated with home made food on sets of Salaar, Bhagyashree was welcomed with sweets on the sets of Radheshyam and both the actress absolutely loved it. Shruti even went on to say, “Prabhas is the most epic human.”

Prabhas has multiple Pan-India projects under his belt which include AdiPurush, Radheshyam, Salaar and Deepika Padukone starrer film named, ‘K’ with all films belonging to various genres.

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