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Pushkins – Aesthetic, premium and luxury, wellness gifting for every occasion owned by Rajeev Khinchi and Pushkraj Kohok

The festival of lights is around the corner and it’s time to pick up the most impressive hampers for your near and dear ones.

“The true value of a gift is often the sentiment behind it” says Rajeev Khinchi as he along with Pushkraj Kohok introduces a luxury, wellness, curated gifting hamper, that will not only delight the gifted but will also ensure that it’s packed with good health and products that define the best quality.

Driven by everything aesthetic, ace choreographer and international show director, Rajeev Khinchi, and Pune based entrepreneur, Pushkraj Kohok bring Pushkins, a company that specialises in curation of high end luxury gifting. Their vision is to ensure that gifting wellness becomes easy and convenient.

Pushkins Wellness gift boxes are priced from INR 2500 to INR 16000. Customers can chose from a variety of boxes with world-class, high-end, savory and exotic fruits, dry fruits etc.

Rajeev Khinchi, co-founder, Pushkins states, “We decided to start Pushkins due to lack of available gifting options. Today, everyone’s very particular about health and wellness and we wanted to enable this very sector. Our hampers are specially curated with imported products that are enablers of a good lifestyle and healthy habits.”

Pushkraj Kohok, exclaims, “Rajeev and I have had this idea for a while and we wanted to enter the market at the right time. There’s an increase in people wanting ready-made curated gift hampers packed with quality products and we are here to make that process easy and super convenient.”

Don’t wait and ponder on what to gift your loved ones this diwali, or any other festivals including an invitation hamper for weddings and engagements, trust Pushkins.


Find them on
Instagram as- @pushkins.gift boxes
Email on – [email protected]

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