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‘Ram Janmabhoomi: Return of a Splendid Sun’ successful screening captivates audiences with a profound exploration of faith and history


Highlighting India’s rich spiritual heritage, the widely acclaimed documentary ‘Ram Janmabhoomi: Return of a Splendid Sun’ success screening was hosted by Mr. Dilip Piramal, Chairman, VIP Industries Ltd and Amish, bestselling author, former diplomat & TV documentary host, to celebrate its overwhelming reception since its release on January 25, 2024. The documentary resonated deeply with viewers, achieving trending status at #3 across all OTT platforms with 3.5 million views in just the first week. Produced by Dilip Piramal, Immortal Studios (founded by bestselling author, former diplomat, and TV documentary host Amish), and Casa Media, the documentary takes a comprehensive storytelling approach to exploring the entire history and profound cultural impact of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple.

The documentary features interviews with Former Hon Deputy PM of India L K Advani, Hon CM of UP Yogi Adityanath, Former Chief Justice Bobde, Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, celebrated musicians Ustad Amjad Ali Khan & Malini Awasthi, esteemed archaeologists B R Mani & K K Muhammed, respected historian Meenakshi Jain, top journalist Madhu Trehan, among others.

The documentary has been directed by Nitish Sharma and Pranav Chaturvedi. The title music for the documentary was made by grammy-award winning Ricky Kej, and sung by legendary singers Sonu Nigam and Malini Awasthi.

The success screening, attended by numerous influential personalities including Ricky Kej, Kabir Bedi, Ila Arun, Ravi Dubey, Amit Tandon, Ashwin Sanghi, amongst others further underscores its significance in the cultural landscape.

The documentary takes viewers on an in-depth exploration of Ram Janmabhoomi’s historical significance, Lord Ram’s life, and his enduring cultural influence in India. It delves into why this ‘homecoming’ of Lord Ram should be celebrated as a second Diwali, offering a unique perspective on this significant event in Indian history. Amish’s storytelling, combined with thought-provoking discussions with interviewees, vividly brings the story of the temple to life. This is the one documentary to see to understand the entire story of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple, from the beginning to now.

Talking about the documentary’s success, Amish, the host of the documentary and one of the producers, shared: “My team and I are truly humbled by the overwhelming response to ‘Ram Janmabhoomi: Return of a Splendid Sun.’ This is a labour of love, to explain why the reconstruction of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple is a civilisational moment for us, and a uniting time for Indians of all faiths. This is a rare moment in history where a culture that is called ‘pagan’ and ‘idol-worshipping’ by some, has rebuilt its place of worship, after it had been destroyed by foreign invaders. The entire production team is honoured that we got an opportunity to put this story across in an audio-visual format.”

The collaboration between Amish and Dilip Piramal is a significant moment in Indian documentary filmmaking. Sharing his views, Dilip Piramal, Chairman, VIP Industries Limited, said, “I am thrilled with the successful screening and the positive feedback we have received. ‘Ram Janmabhoomi: Return of a Splendid Sun’ is a passion project for me as this is my first venture as a producer, and I am committed to making it accessible to viewers across the globe. Supporting this insightful documentary aligns perfectly with our longstanding commitment to cultural initiatives. I believe this documentary has the power to educate, inspire, and unite people through its exploration of our shared heritage.”

The success screening was a resounding success, with the audience captivated by the documentary’s powerful storytelling, insightful commentary, and exceptional production quality. The film has already garnered significant popularity, trending on social media platforms and sparking meaningful conversations about Indian culture.

‘Ram Janmabhoomi: Return of a Splendid Sun’ is available for streaming on JioCinema. The documentary is available in English and Hindi, with Amish’s narration available in both languages.

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