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Rashami Desai and Pearl V Puri join underprivileged children and cancer patients at a Garba and fancy dress competition organised by Nidarshana Gowani

Actors Rashami Desai and Pearl V Puri attended the Garba and fancy dress competition for cancer patients and underprivileged kids of Jeevan Jyoti Foundation in Mumbai recently. The special program organised by entrepreneur and social activist Nidarshana Gowani’s Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust in collaboration with Rahul N Kunal’s I love Mumbai and Jeevan Jyoti Cancer patient trust, was a success.

“It was overwhelming to see the kids happy and enjoying the day. They were playing Garba and participated in the fancy dress competition with much enthusiasm. Along with that they also got the opportunity to express themselves in different other ways ,” says Nidarshana.

Expressing gratitude to celebs who joined in the merriment to cheer the kids, she adds, “Everyone was having so much fun all around. Celebs like Rashami and Pearl also enjoyed playing Garba with the kids, who were super excited. Their smiling faces touched my heart. We’re looking forward to doing more such programs in the future. We had followed Covid norms while organising the event.”

Pearl, too, shared his experience and said, “It was a pleasure meeting all the kids. I feel blessed to have got this opportunity to meet them because they inspire us to live life and our problems seem very less in front of them. I was and will always keep helping these kids and would also request the people who follow me or reading this to do it because it is very important. Balance is the key to life. ‘Agar hum balance ko samajh lenge to humne zindagi jit li’. And that balance will only happen in the world when there is equality in everything. So I don’t think equality should be between genders but also between rich and poor. If someone has more money then he should try to make the life of poor people normal by helping them. And that’s why God made us human for doing good deeds. We should show humanity, we should always help each other in need. My mom is also a cancer patient and I know how difficult it is. I have witnessed it myself. So I respect those kids and I’m always going to be there for them.”

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