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Saee Barve: Indians love shows having stories that are high on drama, are different and entertaining

Acing the role of Parul Rawal in Sonali Jaffar and Amir Jaffar’s production Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, Saee Barve is happy how the show is being appreciated. The story is going through many twists and turns, and therefore generating a lot of interest.

“Only drama without any solid reason does not work. The story has to move forward. It’s really difficult to bring such amazing twists to the plot every time. Hats off to the writers of our show and of course Sonali ma’am,” says the actor.

About what one can expect in coming days, she adds, “Now Rajvee bhabi had an accident, so, like Parul, I am very much worried about the big drama and mainly concerned about Darsh. I am worried that his health should not be affected by this reality so this incident has been hidden from him. I am also worried about Charmi as she is carrying a baby. Parul is caring and always supportive of her family.”

The actor shares that there are two types of Indian audiences. “One who loves drama and loves the show that has anxiety elements. Whereas Indians also welcome shows where the story is different and entertaining… It all depends on the story and setup! Anything good or entertaining will be loved by the audience,” she says. Saee also feels the look of a character is important. Be it in the look of a villager or in royal attire, the right look adds a new dimension and enhances performance.

Sometimes TV shows go overboard, and it is believed that stories revolving around extramarital affairs or one-man/woman torn between two women or men interest the audience. “I don’t think it’s happening just today. Actually, at times it got glorified and underlined nowadays, and such stories are successfully shown in old movies. And this is true for all the mediums, not just TV,” she adds.

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