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Sapan Verma opens up on the prospect of roping in sports personalities for ‘One Mic Stand’

With One Mic Stand season 1 a new concept of comedy was born. Bringing influential people from different walks of life under one roof to try their hands at standup would have seemed a very far fetched idea but here we are with season 2 having released to phenomenal responses. From ideation to bringing top mentors and people on board to making it all work the show has done a great job in making a new pathway for a unique kind of a show. Shows creator Sapan Verma is impressed with how the show has panned out and he has opened up on his true feelings about the concept.

Sapan Verma shared, “The response to One Mic Stand has been phenomenal. Season 1 obviously had a surprise value as nobody expected famous celebrities to try standup comedy. But now with an established format, we had to go bigger and better with Season 2 and we’re really happy that we managed to do that. People are loving the show and we’re getting a great response all over social media as well. I think the novelty of the show lies in getting different kinds of celebrities each time so that there’s a uniquely funny story to tell.”

He continues, “No two episodes are alike, and even our mentor comedians bring a different perspective.
Of course we have a lot of interesting names in mind, but sports is one area that we really want to cover this time. Imagine getting someone like Sachin Tendulkar or PV Sindhu or Neeraj Chopra – would be fun to see them talk about their journeys. However, one thing that is guaranteed is a ton of fun and jokes will be coming your way and the show will only get better and better.”

The second season of show launched on the 22nd of October and fans have been praising it ever since. It is double funnier and has seriously hilarious content.

‘One Mic Stand’ is an incredibly funny and acclaimed Amazon Original Series. The show featuring Sunny Leone alongside the other iconic figures including Karan Johar, Chetan Bhagat, Raftaar and Faye D’Souza, the show premiered on October 22. The show is hosted by Sapan Verma and participating celebrities will be mentored by comedians including Sumikhi Suresh, Samay Raina, Neeti Palta, Atul Khatri and Abish Mathew.

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