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Shivin Narang: An actor’s job is to showcase themselves to the world, even their own most vulnerable side

Evolution for an artist is a continuous process. As time progresses, an actor learns more and develops as a human being as well. One is therefore aware of the changes that experience and maturity brings in one’s life. Actor Shivin Narang, who was recently seen in the music video Ijazzat Hain alongside Jasmin Bhasin, talks about his journey so far.

“As a person, one keeps evolving with each passing day and year, which also reflects on the actor’s life and its craft. An actor’s journey is about learning with each incident of life, which gives depth in his own character, both onscreen and off screen. Talking about myself, yes there is a big change in how I see things now. I started acting after I finished college and till now it’s been a decade of learning every day,” he says.

In presenting an actor or a scene perfectly, there are a lot of people working behind the screen. However, at the end of it, only the actor gets all the limelight.

“It’s true that a lot of people work really hard behind the camera and it’s the field they have chosen and they love it. An actor’s job and talent is to showcase themselves to the world, even their own most vulnerable side. So, the limelight is the by-product of it, even pros n cons of being famous and losing your own privacy comes with it. Not everyone can do that and live an actor’s life,” adds the actor.

Feedback is important for an actor. But many can’t take criticism. They only want to hear nice things about their craft.

“I love honest feedback even if I only keep friends who are honest with me. My family and friends are my biggest critics. But yes, sometimes there are people who are insecure themselves, and just love criticizing you, in the form of jealousy or trolls, which we see a lot these days. I don’t pay attention to them. I have always taken honest feedback and improved myself and came back stronger. Rest for useless people’s feedback, I believe we have two ears, one to listen with and the other can be used to throw unnecessary things out,” he says.

Actors have their individual ways to break the monotony of the profession. Shivin too has his own. “I think as actors we are blessed that monotony is not part of the job. Every time there is a new role or a scene to play, it makes me alive. It really helps me to learn and grow every day, it’s the best thing in the world. I believe it’s very important to live your life fully, observe, learn and be a better person. Breaking your own patterns really helps an actor to grow,” he explains.

Sharing three tips for upcoming actors, Shivin adds, “If you ask me to give tips to anyone who is interested in becoming an actor. Firstly, be honest with yourself and accept yourself as who you are. Secondly, know yourself and break your old patterns and habits to become versatile. And lastly, never stop learning new things in life. It always helps you in life and acting.”

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