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Simran Kaur plays a caring nurse in Aggar Tum Na Hote

Aggar Tum Na Hote is set to launch soon, and actress Simran Kaur is excited to play a caring nurse in the show. “The title is close to my heart and I truly believe that everyone needs one person without whom you cannot live. I believe love completes us,” she said. Talking about her role in the show, she said, “I play a caring nurse dedicated to the well-being of her patients. She is funny, sincere, emotional yet strong and I feel lucky to play such a versatile character.”She relates to her character. “I am also a sincere person dedicated to my profession. Just like Niyati (her character) likes to help people and heal them, I also like to bring happiness to people’s life through my work. My character Niyati says a lot shayari and I also like to use shayaris and poems in my daily conversations, so I connect a lot with my character.”
The show is backed by Mahesh Pandey Productions, Naad Films and  Pixx Entertainment. On how it is working with producers Mahesh Pandey, Jatin Sethi and Piyush Gupta, she said, “I have been really fortunate to work with such amazing producers. They have done such inspiring and amazing work and really created spellbinding wonderful shows. I look forward to learning from them.”Prior to this, she has done two prominent shows. “I made my debut as the main lead in Agnifera on &TV which ran for two years. My second show was Aghori on Zee TV as the main lead,” said Simran. She believes the content on TV is becoming more varied, focused on new and contemporary topics. “This has raised the audience’s expectations and the fans want to see interesting and different shows,” she said. According to her, the best thing about TV shows and the industry is that you become a household name and the whole family comes together to watch your show. “You become a part of people’s lives and people connect and relate to your character at a deeper level as they see these characters every day over a long period of time,” she shared.
The pandemic has made her more responsible towards society. “I make it a point to wear masks as much as possible. Shooting has changed with less people on sets and I am being careful about sanitizing my hands after each shot,” she said.

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