Sneh Binny: Make-up is almost like a necessity for celebrities

Businessman Sneh Binny says that for celebrities, make-up is essential. Earlier there was a lot of stigma around make-up. People generally used to avoid talking about it. “Well now it’s totally fine. Make-up is basic for celebrities, male or female. It’s almost like a necessity,” said the co-owner of Delhi Binny’s Brigade (DBB) who feels that people are now very open about it. Nowadays, even male celebrities post videos and photos while doing make-up. “Even I have posted some videos and photos while doing make-up before the shoot for DBB. It’s not a big deal,” said the CEO at Binny’s Jewelry Private Limited.

He said that using make-up has been normalised to a point, and he thinks it will be completely normal very soon. But he knows that sometimes, people judge others when they do a bit out-of-the-box make-up. “They feel it’s overdone. It depends on the occasion. Male celebs usually do make-up before shoots, not really for occasions.”

These days male celebrities also endorse waxing products. “Oh really! I didn’t know about this. This is new for me. Nothing is wrong with it though. I used to get waxed when I had six-pack abs. It gives clean appeal,” said Binny.

Some say that using a lot of make-up can affect the skin too. “Yes, I think so too, make-up is not all natural, it does affect skin in the longer run,” he said. He don’t really have a skincare routine, but he was asked by a dermatologist to use sun protection everyday. “It’s a task, so I always forget using it,” he said.

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